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A personal promotional shooting combines all features for a perfect external presentation. You'll get lifestyle moments, fashionable looks, various portraits and also always a also a bunch of more or less unexpected views and moments.
On average it is possible to realise between 6 and 8 completely different scenes in one day. A day can also be split,
which I prefer for the sake of maximum results...
So that you can get a more precise idea of the output of a portfolio shoot, you will find various examples in the chapter "Solo", which illustrate the very specific work with one artist on one project.You own the complete material. (full buy-out)
A portfolio shooting costs
800.00 Euro per day (plus tax)
Hourly bills can also be billed for clearly defined tasks. An hour is
100.00 Euro (plus tax)
It has always been very important to me to support young people and young talents, and to present yourself as a promising
new face on the market, you simply need strong images. For all occasions: for the press, for the website and the internet,
for social media. 


Since I have already worked with many lecturers and also gave workshops for students, I can assess what is possible
relatively quickly and give you a lot of tips on how to achieve your goals.
A student shooting costs
300.00 Euro per day (plus tax)


A shoot around a performance is more than producing a bunch of images showing your appearance on stage, it also
provides a lot of backstage material for use in social media and memories. I will follow you as unobtrusively as possible
from the moment you arrive up to leaving the event. I worked a lot in opera houses and concert halls being embedded in the stress of the preparations. With this knowledge about the necessities and processes I get by pretty well everywhere...
Depending on the arrangements with the organizer or promotor, it is of course also possible to do videos and organise 
audio recordings. The basic prize for a stage shooting is
350.00 Euro (plus tax)



No matter whether you want to make yourself happy or someone else..., or document your daughters where they got their great figure from..., or urgently need more exciting pictures for your dating platforms..., or just want to experience your own beauty and expression from a different perspective..., or simply like to own beautiful or spectacular pictures...
A private shooting can be a kind of trip, it is very healthy for the ego and in most cases also creates a new self-image
and (most important) it's always great fun.
Since the use of this work is mostly private I do it for
60.00 Euro per hour (plus tax)
Requests for free works with models or TFP with amateurs are always welcome. It is quiet necessary to try new things or
to finally implement some of the old ideas. I am always open to input and a creative process. The girl above works in a kindergarten. The lady in blond is a professional model. Is there a difference? There should be no difference
if it's about beauty...



A model shooting should primarily trigger a creative process. In the event that a commercial use can also be achieved from
the generated images or video material with the actors, I regulate this according to the
50 : 50 Principle


With a fundamental desire for movies I also do videos, filming and editing. On the picture above I was also producing the
whole project, (Camera: Simon Quack) taking care about everybody and everything. But I also do commercial projects representing artists or their project by myself. I adore to do documentaries about people with extraordinary stories or in
special  situations. Filming or calculating video-work depends on the technical and content-related effort - so It's better
to talk about your visions...
So here is one of my kinda visions I would love to share with you...:
(please don't forget to like)
In this Video the Armenian singer Stefania Kurtikyan is interpreting the famous Musetta-Aria in a slightly jazzy way, 
performing the role of a nice escort girl in a contemporary way. But that's a vision - on regular jobs or clear defined
projects like filming arias or realising show-reels my fee is
80.00 Euro per hour (plus tax)
Video editing and post production is
45.00 Euro per hour (plus tax)


Another service that I offer is the creation of websites, accompanying artwork and the entire range of contemporary
graphic design. Starting with the photos in combination with texts up to the design: everything from a single source
enables a focused collaboration. My complete package for a representative and stringent website (like this one) is
1000.00 Euro (plus tax) 
For the subsequent maintenance and updates, I charge
45.00 Euro per hour (plus tax)
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