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Let me tell you a little bit about myself: I am a people photographer and I live in Berlin and Stuttgart. Any kind of people: artists, models, prominent and regular people. I love nature, my son and many kinds of female beauty. I try to live healthy  and I constantly try to be open minded, which is essential if it comes to shooting people or taking care of them.



Of course I do filming and I am trained in video editing as well:


 me, checking polaroids on my very first production in New Orleans, Louisiana

Due to my education and studies in product and graphic design it's a concern to me to achieve an aesthetic visual balance, regardless of the means. my customers appreciate my spontaneity and my urge to always

get the best out of it.



Me and Olivia Trummer at Becketts Kopf, Berlin


(click on the picture and you will find more artists)

Over the years I have focused on working with artists and anything that has to do with theatre, show or performances. In addition to the classic photography I do websites, graphic design and digital postproduction,

especially for the use in PR and social media.


Having had the chance to work with such outstanding artists as David Copperfield, Jonas Kaufmann

or Olga Peretyatko was very important to me, but that doesn't affect my interest in any kind of people.



Me and Claudia Schiffer st the World Music Award, Monte Carlo

(click on the picture if you want to see more backstage moments)

Therefore I am used to travel and to organise all the necessities no matter which location. However,

if you come to Berlin you can expect a variety of unusual locations and production options plus a

studio cooperation with Thomas Bach for audio and recording support.



Me and Stefania Kurtikyan somewhere in the Armenian highlands

(click on the picture if you want to see more of Stefania)

So if you wanna feel safe about a maximum of visual output regarding your personality, your beauty or simply different focused views on a personality or your product or your brand - it would be nice if we get in contact...




I hope you like my style. Enjoy...

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